Snowing in the Pine Barrens

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Sunlite snow shower, Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Photographing the natural beauty and biological uniqueness of the Pine Barrens always lures me into its broad expanse.  Snowing in the Pine Barrens is such an occasion.

I selected this image because it is one of those rare experiences when I was fortunate enough to be perched on the edge of a new weather front.

Standing there, I was bound in my tracks, captivated by the stillness of the moment.  The gently falling snow around me was testimony to the absolute quiet that enveloped the forest.

At one point the clouds began to dissipate enough for the afternoon sunlight to find its way to the forest floor.  The swirling translucent wafers around me were suddenly backlit!

Using a variety of shutter speeds, I was able to play with different amounts of blur to capture the action of the falling snow.  As always, the experience far outweighs the photos created.