The Atlantic City Boardwalk

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Atlantic City Boardwalk

Summertime tourists enjoy the timed-honored tradition of walking Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk. With the casinos as a backdrop, the boardwalk attracts more than thirty million people each year.

Back in 1870, the casinos and hotels of Atlantic City had one big problem to contend with…SAND. It was everywhere, from the train cars to the hotel lobbies. Alexander Boardman, a conductor on the Atlantic City-Camden Railroad, was asked to think up a way to keep the sand out of the hotels and rail cars.

Costing half the towns tax revenue that year, an eight foot wide wooden foot walk was built from the beach into town. This first Boardwalk, which was taken up during the winter, was replaced with another larger structure in 1880. On Sunday September 9, 1889, a devastating hurricane hit the island, destroying the boardwalk. Most of the city was under 6 feet of water, and the ocean met the bay at Georgia Ave. The Boardwalk of today is 60 feet wide, and 6 miles long.

Atlantic City is also well known as the inspiration for the board game Monopoly.

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